Access tailored resources to fast track your success with AI

Design a custom AI training program to help you meet your business performance objectives.

We help companies develop state of the art AI solutions across all industries, taking them through a comprehensive AI transformation.

Find world’s best vendors and service providers. 

Get the best selection of tech and development services to choose from.

Easy Pass to LATAM AI Markets

Access a $4.57 B USD market by 2025.

Assemble you own in-house AI team, or hire AI developers on-demand.

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A Safe Environment for Startups to Thrive

Get support developing AI products and building your startup from scratch.

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We project yout brand in Silicon Valley and global markets.

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Become an AI volunteer:

    • AI Community Lead
    • AI Scientific Ambassador
    • AI Mentor

Donate for a cause.

Certified AI Talent

Land a career in AI

Get hired for one of our projects

AI MEXICO trains and hires talent using the platform for small and large-scale industry projects. You get:

  1.  Competitive salary
  2. Exposure to real-world work
  3. Guidance on AI for industry best practices
  4. Guidance on industry and customer relations

Get placed at a top company

How it works:

  1. Become a member
  2. Choose your track, and selects ana AI Mentor
  3. Work with your Mentor to custom-design a program
  4. Work at your own pace and have weekly meetings with your AI Mentor
  5. Get a professional branding package (LinkedIn, Facebook, resume)
  6. Participate in a real industry projects for 3 months
  7. Get interview coaching
  8. Become part of the AI MEXICO talent pool and be placed at a top company