Technology Services
1Product Viability Assessment
2Business Viability Assessment
3Technology Business Advice on Demand
4Technology Consultancy Services on Demand
5Project Management Services
6Minimum Viable Product (MVP)
7Technology Project Development Through AI MEXICO
8Technology Product Development Through AI MEXICO
9R&D Services Through AI MEXICO
Legal, HR and Business
10Legal Advice on Demand
11Financial Advice on Demand
12Recruiting Services
13In-house AI Team for you
14Custom Company Manuals (Employee Handbook, Code of Ethics, etc.)
15Custom Company Forms and Agreements (Non-Disclosure, etc.)
16Inclusion, Diversity and Equity Plan and Training
17Business Plan
18Assessment of Digital Maturity and AI Strategy
19Intelectual Property (registering trademarks, patents, internet domains, etc.) in Mexico and USA.
20Personal Branding
21Corporate Identity
22Constituting you Company in USA
23Constituting you Company in Mexico
24Marketing Services
Industry Services
25General Industry Worker AI Training
26General Ai Training for Executives
27AI Training for Technology Professionals
28AI Workshops for the K-6 Grades (entire year program)
29AI Workshops for the 7-9 Grades (entire year program)
30AI Workshops for the 9-12 Grades (entire year program)
31AI Workshops for the Undergraduate and Graduate Levels (entire year program)
32AI Workshops for the Undergraduate and Graduate Levels
33Project Management Training
34Consultancy on integrating AI AI in your Industry
35Undergraduate Technology Program Assessment and Recommendation
36Graduate Technology Program Assessment and Recommendation
37Undergraduate Program Plan for Emerging Technologies