Join the AI MEXICO Community

Everyone can join as an Artificial Intelligence Enthusiast of AI MEXICO. 
Become part of a global Community of AI, network with like-minded individuals, and assis the public events that will help you learn and take advantage of the AI opportunity.

Yearly investment: 0.00 US

Start by joining our Community on Meetup.

The Artificial Intelligence Explorer membership is for anyone looking to enter the AI space as a profession. As a member you will have access to our network of mentors and experts in industry that will help you gain the skills necessary to become an AI expert yourself.


Study and pass the courses and certifications our mentors recommend. These include: AI4ALL, AI4BIZ, and AI ETHICS.
Volunteer in at least 3 Community events per year.
Engage with us on social media
Pay your membership fees on time.


Network with like-minded individuals.
Get a chance to serve the AI Community and the development of the ecosystem.
Assist the public events we hold at any location or online.
Access training and paid events at a discounted price.
Access private LinkedIn and Facebook groups to interact with experts and proudly display a LinkedIn badge.

Yearly investment: 100.00 US

Start by joining our Community on Meetup.

The AI Professional member is an individual looking to learn AI skills that will professionalize his or her work to become a sought-after resource by the global market. We refocus the individual’s skills to become ready-to-work for industry.


Same as the AI Enthusiast and AI Explorer members.
Industry-specific mentorship through our network.
Access to out professionalization program which includes: LinkedIn profile, Facebook Fan Page, resume makeover, and cover-letter authoring services.
Training for job interviews
Be listed in our list of AI professionals for industry.
Access out AI Entrepreneurship Program.

Yearly investment: 500.00 US

Start by joining our Community on Meetup.

We assist AI Entrepreneur member in developing their AI product so that they concentrate on their business. MVP to the final product with help from global experts.

Same as AI Enthusiasts, AI Explorers and AI Professionals.
Respect the program and finish all requirements on time.

Same as AI Enthusiasts, AI Explorers and AI Professionals.
Access private Entrepreneur mentors and groups on LinkedIn and Facebook.
Project your startup idea in Silicon Valley and the world.
Have access to legal advice and intellectual property protection.
Proudly display a badge on Linkedin as an AI Entrepreneur.

Yearly investment: 1000.00 US

Companies across all sectors and level of maturity will be  granted access to valuable resources and assistance in embracing the AI opportunity and business.

Access to vetted talent in AI.
Access to our AI Enterprise groups on LinkedIn and Facebook.
Access our global Community directly and our network of more that 15,000 professionals which include CEOs from around the world.
Access the private executives-only AI MEXICO Afterparty with other executives, decision makers and the AI MEXICO Executive Team.
We project your brand in the Mexican and LATAM markets to reach final users governments and academia.
We project your brand in Silicon Valley and the global markets.

Yearly investment: 3,500 US

Members of our Community get a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to work on the development of the AI ecosystem with some of the world’s leading companies, researchers, and citizens looking to work hard and achieve great things. It is the way to project yourself in the global markets, land contracts, and even explore the Mexican and LATAM markets through experts that will boost your brand everywhere they go.

*If you are going through economic hardship please write us a note asking for special considerations as we will let you have access to our resources and help you through the hard times.

The AI MEXICO Community

The AI opportunity belongs to everyone, and we are determined to create a diverse Community in AI that helps create successful businesses and trigger growth that will bring opportunities to our communities.

In June of 2019 we held a Meetup, and created the AI MEXICO Community with 30 founding members. Through ethics and inclusion-backed initiatives we have created a Community of more than 600 members in 8 countries that include researchers, academics, students, artists, teens, women, children, and even restaurant workers all looking to learn and win big with the AI opportunity in front of us.

We hold outreach events every month. We bring inspiring guest to speak about AI, and related topics of interest. We also hold workshops and we help people from all backgrounds learn the skills that will catapult their careers.

AI MEXICO Enterprise Members and Partners

Industry professionals and businesses from around the world that make this global efort of AI for Good a reality are respectfuly displayed and thanked in this section. We welcome all to join our efforts, please contact us today!

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