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“¡Llegué a AI México por una red social! Estoy desarrollando un emprendimiento que requerirá el uso de inteligencia artificial . Hice una consulta a través de Quora, y no solo en AI México me respondieron, sino que nos conectamos en una reunión, les gustó mi idea y ofrecieron ayudarme ¡de manera desinteresada! Luego de esto descubrí lo genial de esta iniciativa, con la que me fui vinculando, al punto de ahora formar parte activa de ella como staff. A pesar de vivir en Panamá, las distancias no son barrera para conectarse con expertos en el área de AI, que están dispuestos a ayudar y a hacer crecer a Ensenada y México, como un lugar de referencia para el acceso a recursos de Inteligencia Artificial.”

“AI Mexico is an amazingly vibrant community that is open to new ideas and paradigms in artificial intelligence. My commitment to AI Mexico is to help build a diverse and inclusive community, especially with women and groups traditionally underrepresented in technology.”

Eloisa Garcia, Ph.D.

“For around 7 months I’ve increased my AI knowledge and vision, now I have a basic understanding well enough to identify huge opportunities that could be implemented using AI. I’ve contributed as Project Management and Scrum advisor from forming the core team to using new tools to manage our goals. I’ll keep forward contributing to the AI community in Mexico.”

-Edgar A. Torres PMP/Software Engineer”

“By collaborating with AIMexico I have had the opportunity to see beyond the usual activities of being a full-stack web developer. During almost a year I have found an enthusiastic group of professionals from many fields that cares about the complexity AI encompasses. The meetups’ agenda it’s been helping to tackle misconceptions about Artificial Intelligence technologies while focuses on challenges and opportunities for professionals, students or entrepreneurs. This is a high-impact movement ready to be replicated which offers uniques learning and networking experiences to those avid to get involved.”

Ali Adame, Full-stack Developer